Toronto Car Detailing Packages



Engine detailing can range from a simple cleaning of an oil leak to a show quality reconditioning of the engine as well as the engine compartment. Each area is cleaned with soft brushes and gentle cleaners which are appropriate for the materials in your engine.
Then all water is blown with high pressure air to ensure all moisture is removed from electrical harnesses and connectors. As a final touch, the engine is dressed with a silicone-based dressing that will keep everything dry and give a showroom finish to your engine.

ONLY $30

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Pull up, drive in, have a seat in our customer lounge, watch TV, enjoy free use of wireless internet on your laptop, and watch your car get cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out.

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Washed 100% by hand and chamois dried. No machines to scratch your paint or tire tracks to damage your wheels. We offer 2 separate tunnels and up to 4 cars at once, so you get the ultimate car cleaning with the least amount of waiting.

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NO APPOINTMENT, so when you want your car washed, it’s always the right time!!!
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